“WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS” Ltd is a company specializing in the construction of warehouses and logistics areas and is currently focusing on the construction and development of LOGISTIC PARK SOFIA – logistic base in Regulated land XXII-11 for industrial, administrative, warehouse and commercial activities , in the territory of the village Ravno pole, ELIN PELIN municipality, SOFIA district.

The project stretches over an area of ​​200,000 sq. m., with a capacity of 115,000 sq m. industrial and storage areas.

“WAREHOUSING AND LOGISTICS” Ltd. has a team of highly qualified and experienced experts specializing in the construction and management of real estate. The team boasts more than 100,000 sq. m. built areas throughout the country.

Customers of the company are major trading companies such as OPTONICA LED and others.


At the end of 2018, the construction of Building 1 – Southern Building began:

Phase I  sq. m.
Total built area phase I  = 27 000 sq. m.

There is already a contract with OPTONICA IED for 9 543.62 sq. m. storage area.
The building will be fully operational at the end of this year.


At the end of 2019 construction of Building 2 – Northern Building will start:

PHASE 2  sq. m.
Total build area phase 2  = 31 000 sq. m.

The building should be operational by the end of 2020.


At the end of 2020, the construction of Buildings 3 and 4 will begin: an additional 57,000 sq. m. storage and production areas.


LOGISTICS PARK SOFIA offers a conventional high-storey warehouse, offices and fully built infrastructure, including direct access to the main highways Trakia (A1 / E80) and Hemus (А2 / E79), close to Sofia Airport and the ring road of the capital. The complex offers separate parking areas, lawns, own transformer station with a total power of 1600 kvA, backup power supply through 2 additional emergency units, water supply from the urbanized water supply network plus a separate own water source, sewerage, active wastewater treatment facility, 2 x 500 cub. m. water reservoirs for the sprinkler fire extinguishing system, optical cable and connection to the gas transmission network.

Logistics Center Sofia offers over 115 000 sq. m. free warehouse space, free storage options or frame pallet racks, high-storey storage sections – up to 13.20m, allowing 6-storey shelving. The complex has more than 165 000 pallet lots. The point load of the special industrial floor is 9 tons, which allows the storage of heavy goods. Its finishing anti-static coating allows seamless storage of electronics, groceries and other specific goods that require a low level of dust contamination.

The buildings have increased thermal insulation panels with a thickness of 150 mm. The facade walls, up to 3.50 m high, are built with 25 cm of concrete walls and 10 cm of thermal insulation, which is beneficial for everyday use and saves the frequent replacement of side panels. The roof structure is a layered installation with LT sheet, steam insulation, 16 cm wool and 1.8 m TPO waterproofing membrane.

For the convenience of our customers, it is possible to install the so-called Jumbo ramp on each ramp, which allows the easy and quick unloading of volumetric cargoes and buses. There is also an area for lateral unloading of trucks, as well as a zone for fast dispatch of emergency shipments.

They are separate picking zones and zones for processing of goods, their storage and dispatching. The clients also have the latest modern lifting equipment.

The warehouse has a complete fire-extinguishing, sprinkler water-water installation and a fire alarm system.



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